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Aloha, BONJOUR and hi!

I’m Chelsea Lauren, or Chels — California native, calling Paris home (for now) with an endless desire to travel the world, dig deep into history and explore all the magnificent wonders under the sun.

I grew up in a family where traveling together was an essential and was always the focal point and highlight of the year. Starting off young, we’d take road trips all around the US, go gold mining in Alaska and fossil hunt on the coast of California. This desire to adventure and learn all about the world only increased as I was exposed to and got to explore more — diving into the cenotes of Southern Mexico, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii and holding baby monkeys in Honduras. My first introduction to Europe was at the age of 12, and that’s when I fell in love for the first time — with the culture, the art, the history hanging in the streets like a lingering incense.

This love affair led me to study artsy stuff, history and the French language at a university in California. There, I somehow managed to convince faculty that it would be wise to send me to France for one semester (which quickly was extended to a year, upon arrival). When I’m not downing endless espressos at the café or admiring the gorgeous Haussmann architecture, I can be found writing, exploring the secrets of the city or eating my way through France. Amidst all the Parisian glamour, I do currently attend la Sorbonne, where I focus my efforts on trying to be Parisian whilst gracefully stuffing my face with croissants and batting my eyelashes at the perfectly coiffed and well-dressed men. Oh and I landed a sweet internship here as a travel writer.

Through my travels and stories, I aim to shed light on to how to adventure affordably (yet comfortably) and make the most out of the experience… while inspiring others to embrace this crazy, beautiful life and fall in love with the world.

This blog serves as a document of my travels — places I’ve been and would like to go, how-to guides for traveling on a budget (I’m a student, afterall), fashion inspiration, the history of fashion and an array of other things. A collective, if you will.

Places I’ve Been To:

Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Cozumel, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Ireland, Honduras, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK

A smattering of States in the US: 

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Upcoming Trips:

Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Rome, Italy; Amalfi Coast, Italy; Cinque Terre, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Morocco; Greece; Maui

Also, the paparazzi-esque photos are not taken by adoring fans or stalkers (although sometimes I might like to think that)… I’m blessed with a mom who is a professional photographer and she takes a majority of the images.

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