Cali Grown

random things i like before i dive into homework  … [Read more...]

Easy Fashion

Taking a trip to the other side of the world today.. I started following and I am in love with his site! Fred, at Easy Fashion in Paris has such a keen eye for photography and capturing the striking beauty of models and bloggers alike. The personality he is able to bring out in single shots is astounding and truly illuminates both the ensemble and the personal style.All of the photos today are from his fascinating blog: … [Read more...]

Awake My Soul

Several months ago my mom surprised me with tickets to Mumford & Sons. Best concert I've been to by far! Their energy on stage is so uplifting and their lyrics flood my soul.. my ears were ringing for days after, but the good kind of ringing. Anywho, if you haven't heard of Mumford & Sons, which I'm sure most have by now, (a lot of the alternative/rock stations are playing "Little Lion Man") CHECK THEM OUT! Inspiration for the day is their indie/folk/vintage style roots.. When listening … [Read more...]

Cooler Than Sorbet

the essence of california cool, everyday beach inspired wear with an edge.and just because this song has been on repeat for the past hour. … [Read more...]

xoxo, GG

I live for Gossip Girl Monday's with the ladies."You may think you’ve changed, but you’re one macchiato away from making the same mistake you always have!" Thank you, Blair Waldorf. And thank you, Serena, for these amazing outfits.Can't forget about my favorite dynamic duo, I screamed so loud when they kissed tonight! Ah, the anticipation and build up. Chuck & Blair, you're awe-inspiring.xoxo, Chels … [Read more...]

Current Obsessions & Inspirations

Before I post all the looks I'm currently lusting after.. gotta admit that I'm currently listening to the Hilary Duff Christmas Album. Not because Christmas is less than 2 months away, but I was needing some encouragement/inspiration earlier and I returned to my roots.Roots as in Hilary Duff shaped my childhood. Haha, I was a tweeny-bopper obsessed with Lizzie McGuire and back in the day I actually ran a fan site and was able to learn HTML coding/became pretty savy at graphic design. Moving … [Read more...]


Searching for Homecoming dresses a couple years ago, I fell in love with a gorgeous Jovani dress. The cut, the sparkle, the SHADING! This was my first introduction to the term "Ombre" meaning  "shaded or graduated in tone." The dimension the shades created gave the extra pop, some "oomph" to an otherwise generic dress.Reappearing a matter of seasons later, I took particular notice to Lauren Conrad's new do at her appearance on the Wendy William's show. I immediately googled her hair-- … [Read more...]