Burned Velvet


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Velvet Kimono: ASOS

Tank: Hurley

Shorts: Supre

Booties: Kurt Geiger, London

Sunnies: Free People

Circle Hammered Bracelet: AOSA Project in Huntington Beach

Clutch: Kurt Geiger

Photos: Gayle Dawn Photography

If you haven’t heard of ASOS, they are by far my favorite online retailer. They carry a variety of brands and most aren’t ridiculously priced. Since I’m saving for a semester abroad, I usually just peruse the Sale section on the website.

Tip: The site has MANY pages, items and categories that can be very overwhelming. When searching narrow it down by your size and price on the left sidebar, that way when you fall in love with something you aren’t discouraged by not finding the right size/price and it helps narrow down the search!
Now one of my purposes of this blog is to show that one doesn’t have to be a model or a billionaire in order to dress très chic. The velvet kimono from ASOS is currently on sale for $31 (from $103) and I snagged it last week. Supre is an Australian based company (kind of a mix between Forever 21/TopShop) and since it’s down in Australia, they have opposite seasons from the US! These shorts were from their summer collection (my winter) and I was able to get them a couple years ago when they went on sale — right before Spring/Summer for like $5. Amazing steal! I did a lot of work with Hurley in the past and was able to use the employee discount, so the tank that was originally $20 I got for around $9. Not everything from Free People is super expensive — these sunnies were only $18! I used to work at Kurt Geiger and got the booties for free (originally around $300, they went with my seasonal uniform), amazing quality, great leather and they last forever! Hammered bracelet from a local boutique — supporting a charity, $20. And the other jewelry are pieces from my boyfriend, passed down or thrifted. Bringing the grand total of this outfit to $83! The kimono can additionally be styled with jeans, over black dresses or skirts.*Optional: The clutch is also Kurt Geiger from when I was working there (originally around $150, I got it on sale plus employee discount for around $25).

The tank is very versatile, as it’s a plain white tank and same with the plain black shorts and booties!

Bonne soirée. CLEO

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