Déjà Vu

Last week, one of my dearest friends came to visit me in Paris. We toured the city and relished in each other’s company as I showed her my favorite places, those well known and those that are the best kept secrets of my adopted city.

As we walked around the old streets of Montmartre, the air was filled with the buttery scent of freshly baked croissants and we pondered life aloud to each other. Not necessarily searching for answers, but it was almost as if each thought became more profound, simply because we were walking down a cobblestone street…

Taking in the views of the foggy streets just after dawn, we imagined what the city was like 100 years ago. Just as we were about to hike down a colossal staircase, Kelsey froze in her steps and her jaw dropped, as if she saw a ghost. Her eyes became wide and she started to look deeply and meticulously at her surroundings. I stood there, looking at her, recognizing this almost in trance gaze all too well. She took a moment, shrugged back her shoulders and wildly crooned, “WOOOOOOAH. Major déjà vu.” A huge grin emerged on my face and I nodded in agreement because at that moment, I totally knew what she was talking about.

A bit frazzled and happily freaked out, Kelsey mused on about what the meaning of this was. I chimed in saying that déjà vu happens to me ALL the time – and when it does, it’s like puzzle pieces lining up and everything make sense for a second. It happens sometimes when I’m driving and I’ll be at an unfamiliar intersection, talking with whoever is sitting in the car next to me and then all of the sudden the conversation just clicks and the sounds and the lights outside all match up for a matter of seconds and everything seems to be in unison and I feel like I’ve seen it before. Or I’ll be out walking around with a new friend and they’ll say something that triggers it – like a key, and then in an almost dreamlike haze, I can recall that exact moment. Like I saw it before, with their hair color, this background, their shirt and this conversation, but I was unsure of who I was actually having the conversation with until now.

But when that key or puzzle piece is put in place, there are a few enchanting moments where I distinctly feel like I’ve seen this or been here before. It’s absolutely bizarre when it happens and it definitely stops me in my tracks.

Kelsey and I pondered what ever could be the meaning of this and she shared with me that she likes to believe it’s the universe telling one that they are on the right path. That maybe they have seen this before in their dreams or subconsciously it’s the future letting you know that you’re headed in the right direction.

I listened intently and thought it was a very interesting way to look at déjà vu, and I’ve got to say – I like that notion. There isn’t always a flashing neon sign to let us know that we are headed on the right path… However, the concept of the “right direction or path” is completely subjective! Because when you’re 20 years old, you may not have the same career as when you are 40, you may not be living in the same country or be with the same person. But all those twists and turns that got you to where are today are some sort of lesson. Maybe you needed that year working in a dead-beat job to discover that that life was not cut out for you, or maybe you needed to switch your college major 3 times to discover what ultimately matters to you. Without experiencing those things and enduring the emotions that come with it, you would never know.

So although it would be nice to have a laid out yellow-brick road pointing us in which way to go, it truly is the journey along the way that will lead you to the best discoveries about yourself. In the meantime, surround yourself with angels in your life – those that will lift you up, encourage you to be the best YOU and serve as positive mentors. And then you can do the same in return.

Try new activities and hobbies, really explore to see what makes you tick and what brings you the most joy. Find a passion project, or something that makes you grow as a person.

When you start loving yourself, it will be so much easier to figure out what course to take and you’ll always arrive at just the right time.


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LACE JUMPSUIT: Made for Pearl
HAT: Brixton
NECKLACE: Blydesign
SHOES: Shellys London
WATCH: Electric California
SUNNIES: Kurt Geiger
SWEATER: Ancient, who knows

Representing some of my favorite USA designers today in Paris…. A little about them:

Ever heard of Janis Joplin? You know, that wildly funky crooning goddess of the 60’s that has forever impacted rock and roll and the true meaning of a free spirit. Pearl was her nickname– her stage presence and Made for Pearl is an up and coming brand that embraces her alluring style and bohemian tendencies. Created by none other than the niece of Janis Joplin, Malyn Joplin knew it was her duty to carry on the legacy that her vibrant aunt had left behind. Malyn launched Made for Pearl to embark on a journey to rediscover her Aunt’s magnetic style influence not only for herself but for the next generation of bohemian babes. 

Blydesign was established in 2009 by metalsmith & classically trained pianist, Katie Bly.  Each piece is made by hand, one at a time, with love & exquisite craftsmanship out of her North Carolina countryside studio. Katie discovered her love for jewelry making after her grandmother, Martha Rose, passed away. By turning salvaged crystals from Martha’s broken chandelier into a precious pendant, Katie’s true calling was realized.  The hand-poured opalescent ‘stones’ are Katie’s signature and her talent and intricate designs shine through each unique treasure.

And bringing it back to my roots in Southern California, Electric California is making waves in the premium sport and lifestyle brand. Focusing on top-of-the-line watches, sunglasses and sports gear that are both practical in use and fashion forward, Electric is quickly making a name for itself. I’m a huge fan of their round REPRISE sunnies and have been wearing them all around Paris, making me feel posh even when I haven’t washed my hair in three days (shhhhhh!)

IMAGES by Gayle Dawn Photography

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