Loving this life of mine in Paris right now and I am so enamored with the city and all it has to offer. While most days I’m dressing in blacks and neutral colors and doing my best impression of a “Chic Parisian,” there are days when I crave the warm California sun and walks down the boardwalk in Balboa.

While my MUST-DO list for Paris is in the works… here is a MUST-DO for those traveling to California!

Balboa Island


Img00047[Image via Tales of Balboa]

While the Balboa Fun Zone doesn’t look EXACTLY like that today… it’s fun to imagine and take a stroll down the boardwalk for what seems like a step back in time. Make sure to check out the vintage arcade games and delicious treats available!

You can take the ferry across the way to Balboa Island for $1 per adult (kids are cheaper at $0.50).


*NOTE: Parking down here is insane, especially on weekends… so if you find a spot, snag it immediately! Or there are pay for parking spots right next to the Fun Zone, but they fill up quickly.

Once on the island, you must walk around the main street! The shops are all very cute and quaint, many of them beach-inspired. There are some great boutiques further down the street too. (For the daring fashionista that is really down to shop, Fashion Island – the outdoor shopping mall, is only a few minutes away from here!)

Also, a trip to Balboa Island isn’t complete until you’ve had a famous Balboa Bar!


[Image via Leah Reich]

Frozen banana dipped in chocolate… and other goodies? Yes please. Now.


Balboa Candy is also the cutest place whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or not. Barrels of colorful salt-water taffy line the walls, grab a bucket and start filling to your heart’s desire!

Once you’ve finished on Balboa Island there are plenty of beaches around or many bars and restaurants dotting PCH in the Newport and Huntington areas!

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Dress: Ebony Eve
Necklace: Tiffany Kunz
Cream Clutch: Bali Elf
Cuff: Out of Reach
Rings: Tiffany Kunz + others
Camera Strap: Bici Couture

Images by Gayle Dawn Photography
Originally featured on The Village Style – Spotlight