Young Hearts

Growing up, I spent many summers at my grandma’s house in New Mexico. Days were filled with endless laughter as we chased the sun, spent time exploring the desert on horseback and venturing into dark and mystical vintage shops where my grandma collected all the decor for her house. Looking back, I can see the direct influence of these precious months –the Southwestern summers introduced me to all of my favorite things: vintage goodies, turquoise jewelry and an endless love of all things nature.

It comes as no surprise that today whenever I am feeling lost – in terms of life, but also in style, I turn to those halcyon days. The soft sunlight filtering through the lace curtains of the New Mexico house, the smell of bacon filling the air. I’d spend hours in the morning devouring every book I could get my hands on and still crave to know more. Grammy and I would sneak out in the afternoon to explore the town, stepping into each vintage shop and marveling at the antiques and handcrafted gems. Dinner was usually followed by a late walk as the stars began to appear and dance across the sky. Life moved a bit slower, everything was peaceful and content and we all just reveled in each other’s company.

Today, as life seems to be moving faster than a speeding bullet, it’s important to take time and reflect on those influential years and remember what you’re made of at the core. What are the things that made you who you are today? Who are the people that you admire and inspire you the most? What are YOU all about?

And sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find others that have similar spirits, that resonate with you and your ideas just *connect.* Oftentimes, the best way to share that inner spark and light is through creating; art, painting, photography, jewelry – something where you can really invest yourself, your identity and capture that essence. Carey, of Young Hearts Designs, is one of those ladies that I feel really gets “it” and has been able to create gorgeous designs that capture her spirit.

Carey plays with the finest arrowhead pieces, incorporating gold tips, crystals, turquoise gems and an amalgam of other pieces found in and inspired by nature. When viewing her collection, my eyes got wide and my heart went pitter-patter over her dainty designs that were all too perfect for my Southwestern, turquoise and vintage loving soul.

Lulu 2

Turquoise Bolo 

Antler Necklace 

Lulu 6

Lulu 3

free 3

Desert Fox Arrow Necklace 

free 7

free 8

free 11

Desert Fox Arrow Necklace

Lulu 9




Lulu 11

Lulu 10



Dakota Arrow Necklace 

Lulu 6

Lulu 8


Turquoise Bolo Necklace 

To check out more of the gorgeous designs check out the following:



*full outfit posts to come!*

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