DIY Silk Tie Eggs


Materials Needed: -100% Silk Ties -Uncooked Eggs -White Vinegar -Large Pot -Water -Twine/Jute or Yarn -Pillowcase or white fabric -Scissors To start off, I ran to Goodwill and picked up the brightest and most colorful ties I could find, all under $3 a piece. (We found that the ties that do not have black in them produce better colors and yellow does not come out as vibrant as we had hoped.) Step 1:┬áDeconstruct the ties, removing the tags and the backside layer. Then cut the … [Read more...]

star spangled shorts


Maybe it's the air warming up and the taunting of summer's arrival.. or maybe I'm just feelin' super patriotic, but I am diggin' the up and coming American flag trend. pc NastyGal and a bunch of random tumblrs.. sorry! And RunwayDreamz, I love you.. but I'm not forking up $120 for a pair of shorts. So, I MADE MY OWN. Muahhahahah, wow.. sorry, really weird mood.. must be the paint fumes. Kidding. Oh and look at the LuckyFlirts bracelet I received … [Read more...]

DIY Crochet Shorts


After posting these bad boys yesterday I've had numerous e-mails/comments asking how I made them.. unfortunately I didn't take pictures while doing so, but I'll try my best to explain here! My mother was cleaning out her closet and had an a pair of high waisted black pants with a bleach stain on the leg and was going to toss them.. but I rescued them. :) So NUMERO UNO 1. Get a pair of shorts, preferably thrifted and high waisted. (Mine were originally pants, so I cut/hemmed them to the … [Read more...]