We’re Too Busy for Happiness

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“How are you?” A friend eagerly asks. “I’m good, I’ve been so busy!” You reply, then asking them the same question. “Yeah, me too! Just really busy!” How many times have you heard this brief snippet of conversation? I’m betting too many times to count. The everyday small talk that we make with our friends and our acquaintances is reflective of our society, and at the moment – we’re busy. This glamorized notion emerged that if you’re constantly busy and you’re always on the go, it means … [Read more...]

Insider’s Guide to Paris

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Since I will soon be fleeing the city of Paris and won't be frequenting these spots anymore, nor have angry Parisians harangue me for divulging their top-secret places, I've decided to compile a guide of all of my favorite/under the radar hang-outs that one only finds after living here.  While the list isn't long, this is truly about quality and not quantity. Paris is brimming with cool cafés, swanky bars and deliciously decadent restaurants and oftentimes it's overwhelming and difficult to … [Read more...]

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris


Every day here in Paris that passes by is a reminder of the history that hangs in the air and I am constantly inspired, renewed and overjoyed to be living in a place with such possibilities. Daily, I find myself thinking, "I wonder if Hemingway once walked this street or could this boulangerie have been a favourite of Monet and his cohorts?" Enchanted by the cobblestone streets, the lacy-iron work lining the windowsills, the brilliant gold that decorates architectural feats like the Palais … [Read more...]

Père Lachaise

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Moving to a new place with unfamiliar surroundings and virtually on your own can be a very frightening and challenging thing. Fortunately, I have an awesome support system back home that I can call whenever I am feeling lonely or lost. However, this is a time to grow, expand and flourish in a whole new environment. I so love my home and life in California, but I am working to create a new home here in France and learning quickly how to truly be independent. In California - more often than … [Read more...]



You ready to have a heart to heart? Because I sure am. One of the most important lessons (philosophies, mantras, what have you) that I have gathered from my time here on this planet is that YOU are solely responsible for your own happiness. That's right. YOU. I know, crazy. Right? But so often, we blame the world for our problems, our mishaps and complain about "why isn't my life more like this... or why can't I?" If you're saying to yourself right now, "Pshhh... I never do that, what is … [Read more...]