Truffle Hunting in Tuscany


A heart-warming experience, a burst of passionate energy and a delectable meal -- truffle hunting in Tuscany was the icing on the cake. I knew of truffle hunting, but not much. Growing up I can remember reading clippings in the library about an incredibly expensive mushroom like fungus and thinking, "THEY PAID HOW MUCH FOR THAT?" and immediately proceeded to search my backyard for these buried treasures after school. As it turns out, I wasn't an expert truffle hunter, nor did truffles … [Read more...]

Pasta Making Class with Walks of Italy


Enter into a private courtyard off a bustling street in Rome, taking the elevator four storeys up and finding yourself on a whimsical terrace overlooking balconies strung with clothing lines and twinkling lights. Chef David greeted me with brilliant smile and bellowing laughter, inviting me to sit, drink and enjoy the present moment while we waited for the others to arrive. I scooped in the scenery, holding close to my heart the nearby call of the seagulls, the warm spring air and the rustic … [Read more...]

Secrets to the Best Gelato

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Are gelato withdrawals a real thing? Because I certainly think I am going through them. A couple of weeks ago, I took a petite holiday with some dear friends to Firenze, Italy (aka Florence). And of course, when in Rome, do as the Romans do (okay, maybe not Rome, but close). So we indulged, we ate, we drank, we ate some more... and when we weren't having pizza for breakfast, we were having gelato. While some might consider 6 cups of gelato in the span of 3 1/2 days complete gluttony, I'm … [Read more...]