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As I'm starting packing for my semester abroad and trying to fit my entire life into 2 suitcases, I've realized that I truly need to condense and limit myself to only essential pieces. I keep asking myself, "How is that possible when *EVERY* item in my closet is totally an essential?" And while it may seem like that, there is a definite turning point when lugging around 2 huge bags down the stairs and onto the metro - all while crossing fingers hoping that I don't get mugged. A couple of years … [Read more...]

Ode to LA


My boyfriend and I have started a tradition of adventuring on Tuesdays -- mainly because neither of us have class and I can make the trek up to LA... but more so because it's Tuesday and what better time is there to explore with my love? Since he spends more time in LA than me, he's my go-to tour guide and is chock-full of fun facts about the buildings, history and development of the city. We started our day early and were able to pack in so many cool sites and places, while spending very … [Read more...]