Good Eats in Cappadocia


As we headed out for dinner, we ran into our new friend - Tom Brosnahan, whom we had met earlier in the day. Tom, an American, who spends a good portion of his time in Turkey now, is a travel writer, guidebook author, photographer, website developer, and consultant on travel information -- so I was extremely excited to pick his brain. Tom arrived in Turkey as a Peace Corps Volunteer at the beginning of the 1970's and fell in love with the country. Through his adventures there, he authored one of … [Read more...]

Best ‘Home-Cooked’ Meal in Istanbul

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Food has become an ever-increasingly important aspect of travel and it's hard to deny that a country's cuisine has as much to say about itself as any historical site or museum. Istanbul is no exception to this as every restaurant, dish and delectable bit creates a beautiful tapestry that illustrates the soul of the people. After watching Anthony Bourdain's version of Istanbul, Kelsey and I were craving for an authentic and home-cooked meal, to dine with locals and really dig deep into the … [Read more...]

Sirkeci Mansion – Istanbul

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Staying at the Sirkeci Mansion was like staying at a palace, a really, really friendly palace that smelled like a spa. Everywhere we turned, the staff was there to greet us with a genuinely friendly smiles. From the first point of communication by e-mail - I was sent a detailed description of ideas for possible itineraries and offerings, which only made me more excited for the trip to Istanbul. Getting there: Upon arriving in Istanbul, Kelsey and I had a slight idea of which direction we … [Read more...]

Istanbul Inspiration


Growing up, whenever August would roll around and the promise of the new school year was just around the corner, I would become giddy with excitement and start planning out every little thing. What would I wear the first day of school? Which Jansport backpack should I get that I would still like by Spring? How many folders and notebooks should I get (and realistically actually carry with me)? Those pre-school jitters that began to rush in and become the focal point of my attention have yet to … [Read more...]

Secrets to the Best Gelato

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Are gelato withdrawals a real thing? Because I certainly think I am going through them. A couple of weeks ago, I took a petite holiday with some dear friends to Firenze, Italy (aka Florence). And of course, when in Rome, do as the Romans do (okay, maybe not Rome, but close). So we indulged, we ate, we drank, we ate some more... and when we weren't having pizza for breakfast, we were having gelato. While some might consider 6 cups of gelato in the span of 3 1/2 days complete gluttony, I'm … [Read more...]

The Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris


Every day here in Paris that passes by is a reminder of the history that hangs in the air and I am constantly inspired, renewed and overjoyed to be living in a place with such possibilities. Daily, I find myself thinking, "I wonder if Hemingway once walked this street or could this boulangerie have been a favourite of Monet and his cohorts?" Enchanted by the cobblestone streets, the lacy-iron work lining the windowsills, the brilliant gold that decorates architectural feats like the Palais … [Read more...]

Père Lachaise

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Moving to a new place with unfamiliar surroundings and virtually on your own can be a very frightening and challenging thing. Fortunately, I have an awesome support system back home that I can call whenever I am feeling lonely or lost. However, this is a time to grow, expand and flourish in a whole new environment. I so love my home and life in California, but I am working to create a new home here in France and learning quickly how to truly be independent. In California - more often than … [Read more...]



You ready to have a heart to heart? Because I sure am. One of the most important lessons (philosophies, mantras, what have you) that I have gathered from my time here on this planet is that YOU are solely responsible for your own happiness. That's right. YOU. I know, crazy. Right? But so often, we blame the world for our problems, our mishaps and complain about "why isn't my life more like this... or why can't I?" If you're saying to yourself right now, "Pshhh... I never do that, what is … [Read more...]


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Loving this life of mine in Paris right now and I am so enamored with the city and all it has to offer. While most days I'm dressing in blacks and neutral colors and doing my best impression of a "Chic Parisian," there are days when I crave the warm California sun and walks down the boardwalk in Balboa. While my MUST-DO list for Paris is in the works... here is a MUST-DO for those traveling to California! Balboa Island [Image via Tales of Balboa] While the Balboa Fun Zone doesn't look … [Read more...]

Old LA Zoo


Top: Forever 21 Pants: Gap Shoes: Kurt Geiger Bag: Spell Designs Slave Bracelet: No Rest for Bridget Earrings: Stella & Dot Explored the Old LA Zoo yesterday, along with the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery. The Old LA Zoo is the coolest hidden location within Griffith Park. The Griffith Park Zoo opened in 1912 with a grand total of 15 animals and was expanded in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Most of the enclosures were cave like with iron bars across and when the zoo … [Read more...]