Funny story... So my mom and I were shooting this post at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach, which is an entertainment center -- movie theatre, restaurants, shops and a new apartment building. Anyways, we were shooting without permission and apparently you can't do that.... A mall cop took us to the management office and the crabby ladies behind the counter told us off saying we can't shoot there because it's Private Property, Patriot Act and don't want us to duplicate their designs. We told them … [Read more...]

Western Daze


Some days my inner "cowgirl" comes out to play... Growing up, I spent many summers in New Mexico at my grandma's house and I think that's definitely where my love of turquoise jewelry and vintage/southwestern inspired style stems from. Side Split Taupe Dress: PYLO Black Knit Sweater: Stitch & Feather Hat: OC Fairgrounds Swap Meet Booties: Kurt Geiger Black Mini Skirt: Cotton On Toro Necklace: Cecily - London Watch: Arvo Gold Midi Rings: … [Read more...]



I absolutely love thrift shopping... it's sort of a hit-or-miss kind of thing, but if you're willing to search through racks and have an eye for it, it can be extremely rewarding! I found this sheer kimono  for $9 (it's actually a really LARGE shirt) but it was big enough to wear as a kimono. And this Caché dress for $7 (which I'm betting was originally $150+).   Dress: Thrifted $7 Kimono: Thrifted $9 Boots: Free People x Jeffrey … [Read more...]

Playing Parisian


Sometimes I like to imagine I am living in Paris... eating croissants, exploring museums, drinking French wine and walking down Champs-Elysées. For now, dressing up as what I picture a "typical Parisian girl" to be will have to do...  Striped Bodysuit: Filthy Mouth Clothing Black Knit Sweater: Stitch & Feather Skirt: Urban Outfitters circa 2 years ago Parisian Floppy Hat: No Rest for Bridget Chocolate Leather Bag: Gazel Watch: Feral Midi Rings: … [Read more...]


IMG_2977 - Version 2

Prohibition Tee: Wildfox Black Knit Sweater: Stitch & Feather Pants: Stitch & Feather Clogs: Sven Earrings: Nature Vibe Text Bracelets: Nature Vibe Gold & Silver Stacking Rings: Lacee Alexandra Gold Plume Ring: Tiffany Kunz Midi Rings: Thought Blossoms Mint & Turquoise Bracelet: Scosha Infinity Bracelet: Thought Blossoms Turquoise & Gold Bracelets: Isabella Rae Jewelry Silver Namaste Yogi Bangles: Bohindi  Nothing better than stacked jewelry and rings... Check … [Read more...]

Drumming Song


Probably my favorite photoshoot to-date. My mom just aquired a new lens and we ventured into a slightly wooded area in Huntington Beach... er, well, as "wooded" as can be in Huntington Beach. As we were shooting this look on a deserted, hidden path -- a man starts to make his way down the path. He stops, not wanting to get in the shot and I tell him it's fine and wave him forward. He's like in awe and asks, "Woah, what are you guys shooting for? Is this like for a magazine?" I chuckled and not … [Read more...]



White Tank: Gap Fringe Jacket: Nidodileda Hat: Brixton Bag: Mondrina Shoes: Sixty Seven Black & Gold Cuff: Lindsay Lewis Handchain: A. Marie Jewelry Turquoise Bracelet: Scosha Plume Gold Ring: Tiffany Kunz Silver & Gold Stacking Rings: Lacee Alexandra Midi Rings: Thought Blossoms Feeling like I discovered the Holy Grail of clothing with Nidodileda of Greece. Their collection is absolutely incredible with the finest bohemian designs and I cannot wait to Skype with these … [Read more...]

The Strand


  Dress: Stitch & Feather Floral Kimono Wrap: Stitch & Feather Bag: Spell Designs Clogs: Sven Hand Chain: A. Marie Jewelry Plume Gold Ring: Tiffany Kunz Stacked Texture Rings: Lacee Alexandra Jewelry Peach & Pearl Bracelet: Dodds & Boshae Namaste Necklace: Bohindi by Jamie Riley Lotus Necklace: Bohindi by Jamie Riley Pearl Earrings: Nature Vibe Midi Rings: Thought Blossoms Sunnies: Sunnndaze Major summer vibes in Huntington Beach today, strolling The Strand … [Read more...]

Campus Life


  Top: Old Navy (similar here) Skirt: Free People Jacket: Banana Republic (rescued from Goodwill) Bag: Steve Madden Shoes: Kurt Geiger Text Bracelet: Nature Vibe Turquoise Bead Necklace: burdees "luisa" Rose Necklace: Dodds & Boshae Peach Bracelet: Dodds & Boshae Entering into the final weeks of the semester, in the midst of endless papers and finals preparation. A sweet and romantic outfit featuring jewelry by the fabulous Dodds & Boshae and Nature Vibe and burdees. … [Read more...]

Sunny in Seal Beach


  Top: Free People Shorts: Levis --  I made them Shoes: Urban Outfitters Sunnies: Free People Backpack: Honduras Tibetan Drop Down Necklace: Arrow Harte Bullet Necklace: Arrow Harte Triangle Bracelet: Arrow Harte Text Bracelets: Naturevibe As a college student and just an overall practical fashion consumer, I'm always searching for items that can be restyled in many different ways in order to dress well on a dime. This Free People top is … [Read more...]