We’re Too Busy for Happiness

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“How are you?” A friend eagerly asks. “I’m good, I’ve been so busy!” You reply, then asking them the same question. “Yeah, me too! Just really busy!” How many times have you heard this brief snippet of conversation? I’m betting too many times to count. The everyday small talk that we make with our friends and our acquaintances is reflective of our society, and at the moment – we’re busy. This glamorized notion emerged that if you’re constantly busy and you’re always on the go, it means … [Read more...]

Déjà Vu

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Last week, one of my dearest friends came to visit me in Paris. We toured the city and relished in each other’s company as I showed her my favorite places, those well known and those that are the best kept secrets of my adopted city. As we walked around the old streets of Montmartre, the air was filled with the buttery scent of freshly baked croissants and we pondered life aloud to each other. Not necessarily searching for answers, but it was almost as if each thought became more profound, … [Read more...]



When I was seventeen, I was crazy about this boy who was extremely unattainable, emotionally unavailable and all around the wrong person for me to focus my attention on. Every time my phone buzzed, I would become super giddy inside hoping it was him that was texting me and then cringe when it wasn't, hating myself for even getting worked up about it. After too many broken promises and disappointments, I finally put my big girl pants on and told myself, "Enough is enough. Time and efforts … [Read more...]


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Autumn is my all time favorite season. The weather starts shifting, pictures from fashion month/all of the assorted fashion weeks start appearing and the Christmas countdown begins... but my favorite part of it all is the crisp air and the need for layering chunky sweaters, knee high socks and boots! The above pictures were shot when still in sunny California, where the weather virtually never dips below 65 degrees -- but it became clear today in Paris that I will experience my first REAL … [Read more...]


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Currently figuring out how to transition my California "boho-chic" wardrobe into something a bit more Parisian, and a bit warmer.. Boots are a definite necessity as well as layering up dresses, leather and pieces of crochet. Taken while still in California, what I WOULD be wearing at home if I was at the university. DRESS: En Creme BOOTS: Shelly's London KNIT FRINGE SWEATER: Love Threads BACKPACK: Jesslyn Blake WATCH: Daniel Wellington NECKLACE: Soul Makes IMAGES: … [Read more...]

Père Lachaise

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Moving to a new place with unfamiliar surroundings and virtually on your own can be a very frightening and challenging thing. Fortunately, I have an awesome support system back home that I can call whenever I am feeling lonely or lost. However, this is a time to grow, expand and flourish in a whole new environment. I so love my home and life in California, but I am working to create a new home here in France and learning quickly how to truly be independent. In California - more often than … [Read more...]


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Craving the beach a bit as it is starting to cool in Paris... loud cracks of thunder were booming outside our little apartment in Montmartre today and I'm quickly realizing that this lil' California girl is going to freeze her booty off in France. Weather? What's that? Rewinding to one of the final shoots from when I was still in California. Now I'm not sure if there is something in the water or what, but I've mentioned before that Australia has some of the most incredible designers. This … [Read more...]



You ready to have a heart to heart? Because I sure am. One of the most important lessons (philosophies, mantras, what have you) that I have gathered from my time here on this planet is that YOU are solely responsible for your own happiness. That's right. YOU. I know, crazy. Right? But so often, we blame the world for our problems, our mishaps and complain about "why isn't my life more like this... or why can't I?" If you're saying to yourself right now, "Pshhh... I never do that, what is … [Read more...]


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Loving this life of mine in Paris right now and I am so enamored with the city and all it has to offer. While most days I'm dressing in blacks and neutral colors and doing my best impression of a "Chic Parisian," there are days when I crave the warm California sun and walks down the boardwalk in Balboa. While my MUST-DO list for Paris is in the works... here is a MUST-DO for those traveling to California! Balboa Island [Image via Tales of Balboa] While the Balboa Fun Zone doesn't look … [Read more...]


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As fall approaches -- cute cardigans, sweet sweaters and bomb-diggity blazers start making appearances more and more in everyday wear. My favorite way to soften up the look of a blazer (whether structured or a bit oversized) is to pair it with a killer pair of jeans! Anything from sold white to black or even a tweed type fabric -- it's a great on-the-go effortless chic look. The kind of outfit where you would say, "Oh this? I just threw on whatever was clean!" (Okay, so maybe I like to pretend … [Read more...]