DIY Silk Tie Eggs


Materials Needed: -100% Silk Ties -Uncooked Eggs -White Vinegar -Large Pot -Water -Twine/Jute or Yarn -Pillowcase or white fabric -Scissors To start off, I ran to Goodwill and picked up the brightest and most colorful ties I could find, all under $3 a piece. (We found that the ties that do not have black in them produce better colors and yellow does not come out as vibrant as we had hoped.) Step 1: Deconstruct the ties, removing the tags and the backside layer. Then cut the … [Read more...]



Having taking many courses in Costume Design and Art History, I am extremely fascinated by the evolution of dress and how different times and cultures progress, repeat and improve upon the fashions and technologies of the time. I thought what better way to start a series of "History Of" than by delving into one of the most iconic pieces of all time, The Little Black Dress. And so it goes... Let’s get this straight; Coco Chanel did NOT invent the Little Black Dress.  Yes, Gabrielle … [Read more...]