I absolutely love thrift shopping... it's sort of a hit-or-miss kind of thing, but if you're willing to search through racks and have an eye for it, it can be extremely rewarding! I found this sheer kimono  for $9 (it's actually a really LARGE shirt) but it was big enough to wear as a kimono. And this Caché dress for $7 (which I'm betting was originally $150+).   Dress: Thrifted $7 Kimono: Thrifted $9 Boots: Free People x Jeffrey … [Read more...]

Campus Life


  Top: Old Navy (similar here) Skirt: Free People Jacket: Banana Republic (rescued from Goodwill) Bag: Steve Madden Shoes: Kurt Geiger Text Bracelet: Nature Vibe Turquoise Bead Necklace: burdees "luisa" Rose Necklace: Dodds & Boshae Peach Bracelet: Dodds & Boshae Entering into the final weeks of the semester, in the midst of endless papers and finals preparation. A sweet and romantic outfit featuring jewelry by the fabulous Dodds & Boshae and Nature Vibe and burdees. … [Read more...]

Sunny in Seal Beach


  Top: Free People Shorts: Levis --  I made them Shoes: Urban Outfitters Sunnies: Free People Backpack: Honduras Tibetan Drop Down Necklace: Arrow Harte Bullet Necklace: Arrow Harte Triangle Bracelet: Arrow Harte Text Bracelets: Naturevibe As a college student and just an overall practical fashion consumer, I'm always searching for items that can be restyled in many different ways in order to dress well on a dime. This Free People top is … [Read more...]

Burned Velvet


  Velvet Kimono: ASOS Tank: Hurley Shorts: Supre Booties: Kurt Geiger, London Sunnies: Free People Circle Hammered Bracelet: AOSA Project in Huntington Beach Clutch: Kurt Geiger Photos: Gayle Dawn Photography Website If you haven't heard of ASOS, they are by far my favorite online retailer. They carry a variety of brands and most aren't ridiculously priced. Since I'm saving for a semester abroad, I usually just peruse the Sale section on the website. Tip: The … [Read more...]


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 16.39.35

The stereotype that French women exude this certain "je ne sais quoi," confidence and mystique is alive and well for a reason. Partly so, because French women know how to dress! Now, this may be a bit of a generalization, but from the way I've come to perceive the sought after Parisian wardrobe, it is one that focuses on structured basics, diluted of color to create a monochrome palette. These basics serve as the essential pieces to crafting a classy and timeless wardrobe. The idea is the … [Read more...]