Arrow Harte


I've previously mentioned that I'm studying Art History at the university, and as an Art History student as well as sometimes costume designer -- I'm absolutely fascinated to see how and why people (and in particular artists) do what they do. Starting off a new series of "Designer Profiles/Your Story" features is Arrow Harte I've worn several of the Arrow Harte pieces in recent posts and they can be styled a multitude of ways. White Triangle and Brass Bracelet  White Triangle and Brass … [Read more...]

Chelsea Boots


So it's been a while... okay, a long, LONG, while. I keep flirting with the idea of refreshing, revitalizing and renewing this blog -- and while I have a whole list of ideas, balancing school, work and a social life are more than enough right now. However, there is promise in the future. Anyways, I am here today to express my utter disgust with TopShop and the quality (or lack thereof) of their products as well as unabashedly dismissing my review of one of their products and not caring one … [Read more...]

PLL Style


You know those books you read as a kid that always seemed to have the perfect summer where the girl meets the guy and falls in love la-de-da kinda deal? Well, this summer, my summer, was kind of like one of those in the books. Only instead of falling in love with a boy, I fell fast and hard for TV & Film Production. (Yeah, okay, that might sound super cheesy and nerdy… but it’s the best way I could articulate it, haha). I spent the majority of my summer on set, learning the ins and outs of … [Read more...]

Wild & Free


Henry David Thoreau once said, "all good things are wild & free," and I could not agree more. Capturing the essence of a free spirit with a passion for nature/fashion/art and anything beautiful is Miss Corina Alulquoy Brown.       I did a post on this designer/photographer from Santa Barbara awhile back and since then her Etsy shop,  Wild & Free has grown exponentially. She is so creative and is constantly coming out with new headdresses, jewelry and now boots!   Inspired … [Read more...]



In all seriousness, I live in a fantasy world.. and most of the time I actually believe I'm walking around in some sort of butterfly mask/costume. Only today I made that visible for the rest of the world. :) | dress XTAREN  | shoes STEVE MADDEN | Photography by Gayle Dawn … [Read more...]

Cloudy Skies


| Open Back Top | Lace Flouncy Dress | Bullet Boots | .. ALL FREEPEOPLE, just a tad obsessed Photography by Gayle Dawn School is overwhelming... should have gone to fashion school over the university. Just neeeeeda get through these GE's to be where I wanna be. 'Cept I can't help but draw in class. Personally, I think this is more productive anyways. … [Read more...]

What If


On average, humans spend 6 years dreaming.. 6 years of wishing, wanting and hoping for the "What If's" in life. Every day that passes is another day wasted and the world robbed of that passion; so stop. Stop asking "What If" and start saying "Let's". Don't settle--for anything, for that is just a cheap imitation of the life you were meant live. Finally a minute to breathe, I've been going 10 million miles an hour lately-- the university is keeping me jam packed and I absolutely love every … [Read more...]

parisian affair


It's difficult letting go of something that you've wanted for so long.. dreamed about for ages and was constantly on your mind. (ie. a handsome boy, a pair of kick ass jeans, an adorable little puppy or creme brulee) But, in this case, after many long awaited years and dreams about the magical day i would prance down the streets of Paris... I'm not letting go forever. I gave France and everything in it the most heartfelt AU REVOIR (which isn't just goodbye.. because where's the good in that? … [Read more...]

Wildfox Summer


howdy y'all! i had big plans to be blogging 24/7 after i got my tonsils out last week.. and as it turns out, the pain meds i've been having to take don't allow me to remain awake for more than a couple hours. Leaving me extremely unproductive, loopy and lazy. But hey, I've definitely caught up on all the sleep I've been missing for like the past year. But... My TO-DO LIST REMAINS THE SAME -Paris Schedule -Europe Outfits/Shopping List -Take pictures/update shop -Start music blog! -Finish … [Read more...]



"Oh, in the sun, sun having fun It’s in my blood"   Erin Wasson  French Elle - June 2011 Photographed by Fred Meylan photos from fashiongonerogue   There is nothing better than being able to lounge in the sun whenever and not worry about hair and makeup.. I'm enjoying these lazy summer days.   I've had so many e-mails and comments regarding my playlist that I've decided to put together a little music bloggy for y'all.. it's in the works. Speaking of music, seeing … [Read more...]