The Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris


Every day here in Paris that passes by is a reminder of the history that hangs in the air and I am constantly inspired, renewed and overjoyed to be living in a place with such possibilities. Daily, I find myself thinking, "I wonder if Hemingway once walked this street or could this boulangerie have been a favourite of Monet and his cohorts?" Enchanted by the cobblestone streets, the lacy-iron work lining the windowsills, the brilliant gold that decorates architectural feats like the Palais … [Read more...]



When I was seventeen, I was crazy about this boy who was extremely unattainable, emotionally unavailable and all around the wrong person for me to focus my attention on. Every time my phone buzzed, I would become super giddy inside hoping it was him that was texting me and then cringe when it wasn't, hating myself for even getting worked up about it. After too many broken promises and disappointments, I finally put my big girl pants on and told myself, "Enough is enough. Time and efforts … [Read more...]



So I've now been living in Paris for 2 months, and I'm sure I won't be the first to tell you -- but it is truly an incredible city. Upon first arrival, people marvel at the Haussman building's from the late 19th century, the wide boulevards and flourishing gardens that make any afternoon stroll a romantic outing. Even with all the beauty in the bustling city, Paris receives its fair share of criticsm and has been known to be the cause of severe disappointment. Paris, a disappointment? So … [Read more...]

Père Lachaise

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Moving to a new place with unfamiliar surroundings and virtually on your own can be a very frightening and challenging thing. Fortunately, I have an awesome support system back home that I can call whenever I am feeling lonely or lost. However, this is a time to grow, expand and flourish in a whole new environment. I so love my home and life in California, but I am working to create a new home here in France and learning quickly how to truly be independent. In California - more often than … [Read more...]


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Loving this life of mine in Paris right now and I am so enamored with the city and all it has to offer. While most days I'm dressing in blacks and neutral colors and doing my best impression of a "Chic Parisian," there are days when I crave the warm California sun and walks down the boardwalk in Balboa. While my MUST-DO list for Paris is in the works... here is a MUST-DO for those traveling to California! Balboa Island [Image via Tales of Balboa] While the Balboa Fun Zone doesn't look … [Read more...]


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Having a love affair with these bell bottoms... and bell bottoms in general. Working on transcribing a Designer Profile with my gal pal, Rebecah Ryan, who made these gorgeous bells! The whole 70's vibe that is coming into vogue is perfectly fine by me. Growing up with curves, I had to learn to dress for my figure and when the skinny jean craze hit, my frame wasn't too crazy about it. Since then, I've learned what kind of jeans and pants work best and I can't stress enough how crucial it is to … [Read more...]

Made in USA

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Dress: Free People Sweater: Free People Bag: Shana Luther Images: Gayle Dawn Photography In honor of America's birthday -- a sweet little sunset shoot down in Sunset Beach. … [Read more...]

As of Late

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Still playing catch up, transcribing designer profiles and looking for rooms to rent in Paris! My mom has been traveling a lot and we haven't had much time to shoot as we normally do, so to fill in the blanks -- here's life as of recently via Instagram posts. Junim Tunic // Spell Designs Bag // Santiago Sneakers // Brixton Hat Castaway Skull Watercolor available on @shopcleocollective Free People Top // Silver Midi Ring // Skull Midi // Classic Midi // V Ring // Necklace Co-Designed … [Read more...]

Western Daze


Some days my inner "cowgirl" comes out to play... Growing up, I spent many summers in New Mexico at my grandma's house and I think that's definitely where my love of turquoise jewelry and vintage/southwestern inspired style stems from. Side Split Taupe Dress: PYLO Black Knit Sweater: Stitch & Feather Hat: OC Fairgrounds Swap Meet Booties: Kurt Geiger Black Mini Skirt: Cotton On Toro Necklace: Cecily - London Watch: Arvo Gold Midi Rings: … [Read more...]



White Tank: Gap Fringe Jacket: Nidodileda Hat: Brixton Bag: Mondrina Shoes: Sixty Seven Black & Gold Cuff: Lindsay Lewis Handchain: A. Marie Jewelry Turquoise Bracelet: Scosha Plume Gold Ring: Tiffany Kunz Silver & Gold Stacking Rings: Lacee Alexandra Midi Rings: Thought Blossoms Feeling like I discovered the Holy Grail of clothing with Nidodileda of Greece. Their collection is absolutely incredible with the finest bohemian designs and I cannot wait to Skype with these … [Read more...]