For The Girl With Severe Wanderlust: Copenhagen, Denmark

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For the girl with the severe wanderlust, the one that’s been saving her pennies and counting the days until she boards that plane – this is for you. I've been sharing photos on my Instagram of far away places, and now I’d like to let you in on all the little secrets: the hidden alleys, the quaint cafés, and the bike-laden streets of the countries in the Nordic region. Nordic countries can be used pretty interchangeably with the term “Scandinavia”, which is commonly used to describe … [Read more...]

Southern California Road-trip with Orbitz

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Recently I teamed up with Orbitz to host an Instagram Takeover featuring some of my favorite places in California -- after plotting my course and creating a list of locations, it became more of a road-trip, driving up and down the coast. The following are just a few of the gems in Southern California! For more, check out the Orbitz website for their recap: Instagrammers You Should Know: Southern California’s hidden gems with Chelsapphire Salvation Mountain Beginning … [Read more...]

Pasta Making Class with Walks of Italy


Enter into a private courtyard off a bustling street in Rome, taking the elevator four storeys up and finding yourself on a whimsical terrace overlooking balconies strung with clothing lines and twinkling lights. Chef David greeted me with brilliant smile and bellowing laughter, inviting me to sit, drink and enjoy the present moment while we waited for the others to arrive. I scooped in the scenery, holding close to my heart the nearby call of the seagulls, the warm spring air and the rustic … [Read more...]

Cappadocia in a Day


When planning our trip to Istanbul, we looked to other places we could possibly squeeze in during our limited time. Weighing the options - we decided to pick between Pammukale and Cappadocia. While both places looked absolutely incredible, we ended up opting for Cappadocia as there seemed to be more to do than just the hot air balloon ride that we were dreaming about. To get to Cappadocia from Istanbul we flew out of the SAW airport to Kayseri. Other options are IST to Nevsehir or a … [Read more...]

Staying in a Cave Hotel

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Upon arriving in Cappadocia, our hotel, Esbelli Evi, arranged for a shuttle to pick us up from the airport. Buses run into the city, but if you can find a shuttle that will take you directly to your hotel - it'll cut out the frustration of getting lost in a foreign city with your luggage. The shuttle took awhile as we waiting for everyone to load in, (probably a solid 45 minutes) but once we got on our way - anticipation and excitement set in, and also a bit of dread. Dread - because we began to … [Read more...]

Back Lot Tour in Cappadocia


In travel, and in life, one has to learn to go with the flow and things don't always work out as planned. Sometimes it's better to go in without expectations, that way one doesn't miss out on the present moment by comparing to what it could have been. Keeping this in mind, we tried to let go of the dream of flying over Cappadocia via hot air balloon and just go with it. Still in a bit of a stupor and researching where to go and what to see, we received a call from the staff letting us know … [Read more...]

Good Eats in Cappadocia


As we headed out for dinner, we ran into our new friend - Tom Brosnahan, whom we had met earlier in the day. Tom, an American, who spends a good portion of his time in Turkey now, is a travel writer, guidebook author, photographer, website developer, and consultant on travel information -- so I was extremely excited to pick his brain. Tom arrived in Turkey as a Peace Corps Volunteer at the beginning of the 1970's and fell in love with the country. Through his adventures there, he authored one of … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Old City


A swirling labyrinth of streets, vendors beckoning to come hither, sparkling lanterns lining shop fronts and the smell of roasting meats and spices wafting through the air; we've arrived in Istanbul. Making our way from the Ataturk airport (IST), we took 2 metros to the Sirkeci station and then attempted to navigate to our hotel. Walking down the surprisingly bustling street (for a Wednesday night at almost 10pm), we heard calls from every which way like "Hello Charlie's Angels!" or "Deal, … [Read more...]

Sirkeci Mansion – Istanbul

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Staying at the Sirkeci Mansion was like staying at a palace, a really, really friendly palace that smelled like a spa. Everywhere we turned, the staff was there to greet us with a genuinely friendly smiles. From the first point of communication by e-mail - I was sent a detailed description of ideas for possible itineraries and offerings, which only made me more excited for the trip to Istanbul. Getting there: Upon arriving in Istanbul, Kelsey and I had a slight idea of which direction we … [Read more...]

Secrets to the Best Gelato

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Are gelato withdrawals a real thing? Because I certainly think I am going through them. A couple of weeks ago, I took a petite holiday with some dear friends to Firenze, Italy (aka Florence). And of course, when in Rome, do as the Romans do (okay, maybe not Rome, but close). So we indulged, we ate, we drank, we ate some more... and when we weren't having pizza for breakfast, we were having gelato. While some might consider 6 cups of gelato in the span of 3 1/2 days complete gluttony, I'm … [Read more...]